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Abosn Dek Hockey Dasher Board and Floor Tiles

Apr. 14, 2021

Abosn Dek Hockey Dasher Board and Floor Tiles

What is Abosn Dek Hockey?

Abosn Dek Hockey is a variation of Ball Hockey, played on a surface called sport court. Players play on foot with an orange ball and a boarded rink. Dek hockey rinks are typically distinguishable by the blue colour of the sport court tiles. The surface reduces lateral and vertical stresses, better protecting players from common leg and foot injuries.

What is Abosn popular size for Dek dasher board? 

The original Dek Rink dimensions were a minimum of 160x80ft (LxW) in size to accommodate for 5x5 play.

But today, you’ll find rinks of various sizes including:

100x50ft for 3x3 play

120x60ft for 4x4 play

155x80ft for 5x5 play

Also, hybrid-sized Dek Hockey rinks such as 105x55ft, 140x60ft

of course, all other sizes of sports court can be designed easily and fast. 

Abosn Dek Hockey Dasher Board and Floor Tiles

What is Abosn popular size for the floor tiles? 

305 X 305 X 15 mm,  other thickness can be also orders. Different colours are available.  

Let see more details about Abosn ( Dezhou ) New material Co., Ltd dasher board system!

The steel dasher board system is fabricated from durable steel tubing, angle, channel, and plate. For unsurpassed strength, this system is perfect for high use facilities in which the board system is to be considered a permanent fixture.
Arena Product Aluminum indoor dasher board system uses lightweight aluminium steel tubing. This system is best used in facilities where the boards are regularly taken down so events such as trade shows can be held.

Standard size for the white facing board, yellow kick plate and blue or red handrail, the size and type can be customized.

Abosn Dek Hockey Dasher Board and Floor Tiles

Advantages of Abosn ice rink dasher board:

  • Quick installation 
Quick assembly/disassembly thanks to the puzzle blinding system that guarantees a flat and level surface of the rink.

  • Inexpensive
Low operating and maintenance costs.

  • For any type of skates 

No special ice skates are required, they can be used with traditional ice skates.

  • Usable 365 days a year 
The system can be used in any place and in any weather condition

  • Easy skating 

skating experience similar to that on natural ice

  • unaffected by the weather or place

year-round skating indoor and outdoor with every weather.

  • Extensive use

use for leisure and professional activities.

  • Low costs

It does not require refrigeration - low maintenance costs.

  • Free Play

The same movements, jumps and tricks can be implemented as on real ice 

  • Long life services

The lifespan of our ice rink barrier is significantly longer than that of the traditional plastic ice rink barrier.

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