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UHMWPE liners

UHMWPE liners have a very low coefficient of friction and zero water absorption, and are widely used to eliminate agglomeration, bridging and suspension of various bulk materials in steel and cement production, mining and power generation applications. In new applications, the use of UHMWPE liners can make the angle of the chute and the desired angle shallower, thereby providing greater design freedom. In existing installations, simulating steeper angles through low friction coefficients is usually a solution to plants. Ways to block the problem. 


Coal bin liner

Silo liner

Hopper liner

Coal Chute Liner

Bunker liner

Hopper liner

Granary plate

Track liner

Track bed liner

HMWPE coal bunker liner board prevent cohere

Chute liner

UHMWPE Plastic Dump Truck Liner

Why are UHMWPE liners so popular?