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Types of UHMWPE sheet application

Jul. 13, 2023

UHMWPE sheet PE1000  is the strongest and toughest of all polyethylene grades. UHMWPE sheet PE1000 does not decay or rot.  Uhmwpe sheetPE1000  will not splinter or crush, and can be cut, drilled and machined with ease. UHMWPE sheet PE 1000 is available in many other colors yellow, white, blue, green, red, grey or orange ...any color is workable .. UHMWPE sheet PE1000  also comes in many thicknesses per project requirements and also can be provided in a re-processed grade for a more economical solution. UHMWPE sheet PE 1000 can also be supplied in stand-alone applications not related to rubber fenders, for sliding surfaces that do not require any energy absorption.


Abosn own types of UHMWPE PE1000 sheet for variety application :


1. Anti-static UHMWPE Sheet. Anti-static ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board can be used in anti-static parts such as underground mine operations, docks, and grain processing; such as the harsh environment of coal mines, we can achieve flame retardant and anti-static by adding flame retardants and anti-static agents The role of self-extinguishing completely away from the fire

2. Self-lubricating UHMWPE Sheet.  With this features , Abosn factory produce PE 1000 grade synthetic ice tiles , it is real like ice , after customer testing , fantastic skating experience , Abosn glide synthetic ice tiles make skating at home training more practical .

3. Tiver88 equaled UHMWPE Liner . UHMWPE liners are widely used in mines, electric power, metallurgy, cement and other industries as wear-resistant linings for material storage and conveying systems such as silos, barrels, chutes, and dump trucks to solve material bonding and bridging. , equipment wear and other issues .UHMWPE liner features non sticky , self lubricating , low coefficient good wear resistance ,more and more customers like this products .

 4. Flame-retardant UHMWPE Sheet  .Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board has good flame retardant properties and can effectively prevent fires in high-temperature environments in coal bunkers. In addition, the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board with flame-retardant properties can also prevent static electricity inside the coal bunker, which is one of the main factors that cause fires.

5. Boron UHMWPE Plate.  Boron polyethylene sheet  specially designed for nuclear and radiation  shielding applications. 

6. Anti-slip UHMWPE Sheet. With this features , Abosn develop our uhmwpe composite ground protection mats , with strong upbearing to 200 tons and can be used to create a track way for a wide industries including construction , oil drilling , power transmission ...

7. Ceramic filled UHMWPE Sheet 

8. Glass filled UHMWPE Sheet

9. Fender Grade UHMWPE Sheet . Uhmwpe marine fender pads is a good protection of the wharf and good impact resistance , even hard conditions , it will not split . Uhmwpe marine fender pads durability is more longer than other material , Abosn factory ship lots of marine fender pads to customers for the world .



Types of UHMWPE sheet  application

Types of UHMWPE sheet  application

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