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Using Mats in Construction to Improve Slope Stability

Aug. 18, 2021

Heavy-Duty Ground Protection Mats

Heavy-Duty Ground Protection Mats

Hills and slopes may seem solid, but the tremendous pressure from heavy equipment and changes in slope caused by excavation can undermine their ability to stay together. When their stability decreases, slopes can be subject to landslides. Such failures put workers and the public at risk. They also have the potential to cause costly delays and cleanup at the job site. 

That's why contractors need to understand the most common slope stabilization techniques and be prepared to use them. There are many different methods of slope stabilization, but using ground protection mats as slope protection matting is probably one of the most effective.

How can crews improve slope stability?

Builders can prevent the land from moving in sloping areas in a number of ways. Depending on the situation, some of these may be more feasible than others. Some of the most common methods of slope stability include 

  • Anchors and nets- Strong wire mesh or netting is secured to the side of the slope using metal rods attached to anchor plates. This method of slope stabilization is used to hold soil and rock in place and prevent gradual erosion, which can be a precursor to catastrophic collapse.

Heavy-Duty Ground Protection Mats

 Heavy-Duty Ground Protection Mats


  • Retaining walls - Whether constructed of precast concrete, wooden slats, or metal plates, retaining walls are often installed at the base of a slope to keep the soil in place. Heavy-duty steel piles are often used as framing. 

  • Soil Nails - In some applications, long metal rods inserted directly into the side of a slope can be very effective in preventing ground movement. These can be screw piles screwed into the soil or straight rods driven into the soil.

  • Heavy-Duty Ground Protection Mats - One of the biggest factors affecting the integrity of a slope is the pressure applied to its surface. Heavy equipment used on construction sites can exert large forces that cause the ground to become unstable. This is why it is important to prevent wheels and treads from coming into direct contact with the surface. Slope protection matting can be used to build temporary roads that can carry most of the weight of trucks, cranes, and other large machinery. Slope protection matting can make a significant difference when it comes to slope stability.

Why choose Abosn temporary road mats?

As a long-time leader in the heavy-duty ground protection mats industry, no one knows slope stabilization matting better than Abosn MAT. The solution to your site's needs is always close by and ready for quick deployment. Let us help you find the best slope stabilization matting for your needs. Welcome to contact us today or visit our website to learn more about slope stabilization matting. 

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