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Why Choose Temporary Road Mats?

Jun. 07, 2021

Progress in the construction industry is often affected by a variety of factors, whether through the environment or inclement weather. Construction sites can quickly turn into mud puddles, making it dangerously difficult for heavy machinery and equipment to operate effectively. Temporary road mats, however, can create a stable, sturdy foundation that machines can maneuver safely, allowing construction deadlines to be met without unnecessary delays.

Temporary road mats are versatile and can be used for a variety of projects including pipeline work, road construction and repair, demolition and construction sites, bridge construction and many others. They are particularly useful in difficult areas such as coastal areas or riverside areas. Some versions are perfect for creating sidewalks for pedestrians.

Features and benefits of temporary road mats

Temporary ground protection mats for vehicles and pedestrians

Temporary walkways and temporary pavement

Reversible, non-slip surface

Suitable for heavy traffic weighing up to 80 tons

Light and heavy duty connectors available

Inquire about custom minimum order quantities

Use connectors to create large protected areas

Quick and easy to install, covers 50 m2 in 15 minutes

Temporary Road Mats

 Temporary Road Mats

Why Choose a Temporary Road Mats?

Ground conditions play an important role in field operations and projects that require access to remote sites. Wet, muddy or uneven ground conditions can cause projects to be delayed or even stopped. This can result in significant business losses such as unrecoverable management time, loss of reputation, impact on future workload, and impact on project completion and profitability. Unstable ground conditions are also a common cause of minor and attempted accidents on site.

Rail panels allow heavy equipment to safely traverse muddy, sandy, snowy, and swampy ground conditions by creating temporary access and work platforms. Access to remote sites and stable work zones is a critical safety solution for the oil and gas, drilling, transmission, renewable energy, utilities, civil engineering, infrastructure, and construction industries.

Ground protection mats can also prevent environmental damage to agricultural lands, sensitive ecosystems, and cross-contamination between sites. Ground protection mats can also be used in sports stadiums, events, golf courses, landscaping, tree care, cemeteries; in any case, saving on ground restoration repair costs is a factor. Ground protection mats are used to create temporary walkways, parking lots, or sidewalks to provide safe pedestrian and access during events. Eliminate damage to the ground or severe rutting and landscaping. Ground protection mats ensure that vehicles, machinery, and people can move freely through the project without getting stuck in mud or damaging sensitive ground, natural grass, or turf.

Lawn protection panels and mats have been developed specifically for applications where precautions need to be taken to avoid the effects of heat burn and/or power shortages caused by sunlight and hot work environments. Some specific applications will be found in the turf and landscape market such as golf courses, irrigation and pool installers, and event and stadiums.

Ground protection mats are a popular choice for professionals. They are easy to use, quick to deploy and lock into place to form a continuous, strong, safe, and durable pathway or work platform. Their quality and performance are unmatched even in the most hazardous conditions. If you want to get more information about the temporary road mats for sale, welcome to contact us.

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