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Why Do You Need Ground Protection Mats?

Mar. 05, 2021

Advantages of ground protection

When working with heavy equipment in challenging settings, you often need a more solid working surface than the work site provides. Whether you’re protecting the environment or a delicate surface, or if you just need a strong foundation for your equipment, ground protection mats can help you get the job done. Learn more about the benefits of heavy equipment mats and the options that are out there.

Protecting manicured surfaces

Similar to the natural environment, ground protection mats also help to protect man-made surfaces. Even concrete driveways can suffer damage from the weight and friction of heavy equipment. You can keep your customers happy by protecting their property while you work.

Heavy Duty mats

Ground protection for the environment

If a project takes you into a pipeline, nuclear facility, watershed or another fragile environment, there is a need to ensure that the footprint is minimal. Heavy equipment mats can provide a barrier between your work and the surrounding environment. They can help you minimise the damage that heavy equipment can cause, while also helping you to get the job done efficiently.

Protecting your equipment

The ground isn't the only thing you need to protect. Mats for heavy equipment help protect the equipment itself. Give your vehicles the traction they need to avoid getting stuck in muddy work sites. Provide a secure base for cranes and other heavy equipment by laying a strong temporary foundation with interlocking ground protection mats. They can even be used to make temporary roads.

Ground protection mats displace the weight of heavy equipment to help ensure a solid foundation for the equipment and to reduce the impact it makes on the ground below. With ground protection mats, you can increase your efficiency on the job while decreasing the unintended impact your heavy equipment can have on its surroundings. 

Abosn DuraMat offers a full range of market leading heavy duty composite ground protection mats for temporary access roadways, trackways, and working platforms delivering a safer work environment. Made from prime of ultra High Molecular Weight(UHINw)Polyethylene, DuraMat Heavy Duty mats are hard wearing and robust.Dura Mat Heavy Duty ground protection mat consists of a range of construction methods to suit every construction, infrastructure, utilities, or events project.

DuraMat Heavy Duty mats feature an optimized ant-slip traction pattern, moulded into the top surface, that allows personnel, vehicles, and tracked equipment to work safely in any environment or terrain.

Check out the many available options by contacting us and learn more about ground protection mats today. From wear pads, Amphi mats, crane outrigger pads, trailer stabilizer pad, and more, you're sure to find the perfect solution for your worksite.

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