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UHMWPE wear stripsUHMWPE wear stripsUHMWPE wear stripsUHMWPE wear stripsUHMWPE wear stripsUHMWPE wear strips
UHMWPE wear stripsUHMWPE wear stripsUHMWPE wear stripsUHMWPE wear stripsUHMWPE wear stripsUHMWPE wear strips

UHMWPE wear strips


UHMWPE wear strips are often used in high-wear applications, from wear strips under conveyors to guide rails in bottling plants, or scrapers in road rollers. UHMWPE wear strips are used to line bulk storage hoppers, and their low friction, anti-sticking and wear resistance properties solve the problems of feeding and wear. It combines the excellent properties of all plastics, like shock resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion, self-lubricating, anti-static, absorb of shock power, etc. It is recognized as "amazing engineering plastics".

Features and advantages of UHMWPE wear strips:

1. UHMWPE wear strips are divided into various types according to their shape and size. Choose the appropriate ultra-high wear-resistant belt according to the purpose you want to solve. They will help you reduce your workload to a great extent.

2、UHMWPE wear strips are very strong and durable. Their back is rough, which helps to improve stability. However, they have a smooth front surface to ensure that they can work properly on them.

3. UHMWPE wear strips have different textures, you can choose according to your preferences. Those with designs and printed patterns can also be used as exquisite home decorations. Modify your house or workplace with UHMWPE wear strips.

4. UHMWPE wear strip is used for sliding applications where metal-to-metal contact causes friction or wear. They can be planed, drilled, slotted or chamfered, and extruded in various contours to suit individual applications.

Service: any design can be made as request

Color: black/white/yellow/blue/red/orange or as request

Key features:

These UHMWPE wear strips offer low friction wear surface for chains and ensure smooth & noiseless conveying. UHMWPE material to ensure minimum friction and maximum wear resistance.


1. Low friction coefficient, high wear resistance, high impact resistant.

2.Excellent chemical stability. It can improve the corrosion resistance and anti-static performance by adjusting the formula.

3.The temperature range: -150℃ to 85℃

4.Low water absorption.

5.Coefficient of thermal expansion: The environment temperature ≥100C,Thermal deformation size 2-3%.

Application: coal, cement, lumber, paper, steel, grain, canning. mining and manufacturing. in the industry for guiding belts, chain and cables designed to fit most bulk material handling chains