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How Ground Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment Work?

Jun. 28, 2021

Bulldozers, excavators, and other types of heavy machinery are designed to shape the earth. However, they often do so in unintentional ways. The tremendous pressure exerted on the ground by these huge machines can have unintended negative effects on the site. Wheels and treads may tear up lawns and carefully manicured landscapes. Hills and slopes may be pushed aside, causing erosion. Fragile ecosystems can be severely damaged, and it may take decades to restore balance. These are just a few examples of how heavy equipment can damage the ground, and they can cause serious problems for contractors.

It's important for construction companies to cause as little damage as possible for a number of reasons. Protecting their reputation and complying with environmental regulations are just two of them. Fortunately, there is a solution to these problems. The use of mats for heavy equipment allows crews to move cranes, trucks, and other large machines around a job site without worrying about damaging the surrounding area. With heavy-duty ground protection mats manufactured by Abosn, builders can focus on getting the job done knowing they have taken the necessary steps to protect the site.

Heavy Duty Mats

Heavy Duty Mats

How Ground Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment Work?

Made of extremely durable hardwood lumber or composite materials, ground protection mats can be used as temporary pathways and access platforms. Their ability to carry significant weight makes them ideal for protecting floors from heavy equipment.

When placed throughout a project, they help disperse the pressure generated by machinery and prevent it from being transmitted directly to the earth. This means less damage to environmentally sensitive areas. Mats also help mitigate erosion because less weight is applied to the slope or hill. They can keep areas clean and help crews avoid violations in areas where dirt and debris are prohibited by law from being taken off-site.

Why choose Abosn mats?

We are experts in providing mats for protecting floors from heavy equipment damage. No one else in the industry has the same level of experience or extensive inventory as we do. We have over 1 million mats nationwide. Wherever your project is located, chances are we're close by and can deliver the product you need quickly and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Make sure your impact on the next site doesn't extend beyond the planned construction. Contact us today to begin protecting the earth beneath your vehicle from excessive damage. We will provide you with a quote based on your specific needs.

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