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Popular Application of Making Swimming Pool for Hdpe Sheet

Sep. 21, 2021

Abosn( Dezhou) New Material Co., Ltd, mainly produces UHMWPE and HDPE sheets. Our HDPE sheets got high praise from clients from around the world. 

HDPE Sheets

HDPE Sheets

Regarding the HDPE sheet for making a swimming pool, many clients want to build a swimming pool in their own garden and enjoy it with family and friends. 10 mm thickness is popular and strong, meanwhile, it has a long life, UV resistant, all connections can be welded easily as we can also supply the same quality welding rod, meanwhile, we can manufacture in almost any shape and size.  Nowadays we produce 4000 X 1500 X 10 mm for clients mostly which has a very good market in this field. Abosn can guarantee top-grade quality all the way. 

HDPE Sheets

HDPE Sheets

Popular Application of Making Swimming Pool for Hdpe Sheet

Why it is so popular and welcomed?

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) sheet is an extremely versatile product with outstanding properties and good chemical resistance for a wide variety of applications, at a very competitive cost. 

So what is HDPE outstanding property?

HDPE sheet has a low coefficient of friction and can be easily cut, machined, welded, and thermally formed for easy fabrication. This material will not splinter, rot or retain harmful bacteria, and is extremely resistant to cleaning agents. 

What are the standard and popular sizes of the HDPE sheet?

Thickness range: 0.1mm~30mm

Width  max.: 2000mm

Length: Any length.

Standard sizes: 1220X2440mm; 1000X2000mm; etc. customized

Surface: Plain, Matt, Embossed, Textures

HDPE sheet standard Colors?

Blue, grey, black, white, yellow, green, red, and any other colors according to customers’ requirements.

HDPE sheets can be used as below :



HDPE rods

HDPE ICE shooting pads

HDPE ground mats  

HDPE rollers pulleys and sleeves

If more Interest in our HDPE sheets, please visit our article and video.

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