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Why Choose Your Hockey Boards?

Sep. 14, 2021

Hockey boards will help your hockey rink project in many ways. If you are considering synthetic ice and want to build a synthetic rink, or if you need a hockey board for an outdoor hockey rink or basement rink, then a hockey board is the perfect hockey rink solution.

Combine hockey rink boards with the synthetic panels to create an outdoor hockey rink that is open all year round! If you want to know more information about hockey rink products wholesale, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

Portable Outdoor And Indoor Hockey Ice Rink Dasher Board

 Portable Outdoor And Indoor Hockey Ice Rink Dasher Board

Smart Hockey Rink Design

All Abosn hockey boards are made with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and feature the same baffle material as the regular rink, with a blue cap rail, white baffle face, and yellow kick plates.


Multiple installation options

There are several ways to install Abosn hockey synthetic panels. You can mount them directly to any wall or flat surface. You can also choose from our permanent or portable board mounts, depending on the specifics of your hockey rink project.


Free customized boards

We will work with you to make your measurements work. If your hockey rink project requires customized hockey rink boards to ensure a perfect fit, we will customize our hockey rink boards for free. This is especially true for basement rinks or garage rinks and those with outdoor hockey rinks or synthetic rinks.

High Quality Hockey Synthetic Panel

 High Quality Hockey Synthetic Panel 

Indoor or outdoor

You can install hockey ice floors inside or outside. The dashboard material (hockey board plastic) used to manufacture Abosn rink boards is infused with UV stabilizers to prevent sunburn and any unwanted discoloration.


Find a professional Ice Rink Product supplier

Thousands of customers rely on Abosn to provide them with quality hockey rinks; including homes for youth hockey players, commercial training facilities, and many NCAA and professional hockey teams.

Choosing the best hockey board for you involves several factors such as the size of the hockey rink, location, planned use, and budget. Our hockey rink designers will recommend the best solution for your hockey rink project.

Combine Abosn hockey boards with Abosn synthetic ice hockey dasher board system to create a great hockey rink!

Abosn Synthetic Ice Hockey Dasher Board System

 Abosn Synthetic Ice Hockey Dasher Board System

Groups requiring Abosn hockey rink boards

Homeowners: to build garages, basements, and backyard rinks for year-round use or for winter use only

Hockey associations and arenas: for dedicated training areas

Coaching: for professional groups and individual training

Camps and clinics: for synthetic ice training areas and seasonal winter rinks

Parks and recreation centers: for public synthetic ice rinks and seasonal winter rinks

Exhibitions and special events: for public synthetic ice rinks and seasonal winter rinks

Buy a hockey board set Build a custom rink - get an instant quote.

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