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Why Choose UHMWPE/HDPE Floor Mats?

Dec. 14, 2020

Abson (Dezhou) New Material Co., Ltd, is the professional and leading manufacturer of plastic ( UHMWPE / HDPE ) ground mats from the year of 2010.  We design, produce and export by ourself and supply kinds of types mats for clients,  ever supply service for Ukraine and Russia government, Australia and America big customers who are a famous dealer in this field.

With the different ground situation and load-bearing request, Abson mats can be divided with :

1.Quick mats   

They are suitable for beach temporary portable mats, outdoor events, building site, golf course, utilities and infrastructure maintenance and soil or soft ground situation and allow pedestrian or vehicle go through, max load-bearing is 40 tons.

Popular size like 2440 X 1220 mm , 2000 X 1000 mm , 3000 x 1000 MM , etc .

Thickness 10-28 mm.

Quick Mats

2.Base mats

Abson Base Mat is durable and extremely strong. The mats are engineered to provide ground protection and access over a soft surface and will provide a firm support base and traction for numerous activities. It’s are great to save heavy vehicles from getting stuck in the mud.

Abson supply 5900 X 2000 mm size base mats for Russia market every year with big volume.

Popular size 5900 X 2000 X 38 mm, it is the solid one-piece mat, utilising a unique extrude process to provide support for load up to 120 tons.

Base Mats

3. Dura mat

Abson dura mats are pressed heavy-duty mats for load-bearing max 150 tons.

Popular size like 3000 X 2500 mm & 4500 X 2000 mm, the thickness we suggest 30-38 mm.

Dura mat is easy to off-load from trucks or pallets and easy to move and deploy around the site by two workers. It has the unique anti-slip pattern designed by ourself, most clients choose this type of mats for construction, oil industry, power transmission, renewable energy sites and infrastructure works.

Dura Mats

4.Amphi mats

Abson Amphi mats are designed for muddy ground site especially for the water ground, it can show very good performance in mud, sand, marshy, uneven or soft terrain with heavy-duty loads to make a temporary road.

Hollow design in the middle can reduce the weight so let the transport cost lower than expected.

Our solid thickness is 88 mm and width is 2180 mm, length can be adjusted as client request.

Each mat is equipped an over-lap on two sides and two under-lab lips on the opposite two sides which create the interlocking joint when two or more mats are connected. 

Amphi Mats

Welcome for your contact if any need. Abson can supply you with the best solution for your construction site. 

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