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UHMWPE Truck Hopper Liner

Dec. 23, 2020

Abosn ( Dezhou) New Material Co., Ltd, is the direct manufacturer of the liner plate for truck, hopper, silo, coal bin, chute, screw conveyor system , etc. Abosn belongs to Xinxing Group, that produce and export for more than 1o years already, we supplied kinds of UHMWPE liner for the world client in many industries.

For example, the cohesive bulk materials do not flow easily in trucks. Changes in moisture and particle size affect the flowability of the product. The traditional steel surface of the truck hopper, becomes rough and corroded over time, compounding the problems and increasing the loss in productivity. With our self-lubrication and no sticky advantages of UHMWPE LINERS, it can be used in agricultural machinery and bulldozers bulldozing plate, car skip liner, etc . So it will not adhere with mud, to save energy and improve the working efficiency.

UHMWPE Truck Hopper LinerUHMWPE Truck Hopper Liner  

Many properties of UHMWPE liner as below :

Density : 0.92-0.96 g/cm3

Tensile strength at yield: 15-20 Mpa

Notched impact strength: 80 – 170 kJ/m2

Abrasion resistance (sand slurry test): 70 – 120 %

Shore hardness D: 60 – 63o

Max. low-temperature resistance: - 270 o C

Most clients care about the liner installation method, generally, we suggest to drill holes in the liner and the hopper wall, then use screw and nut to install, it is easy and firm.

Besides this, welding is the other popular way. But under this method, the thickness of liner should be more than 10 mm, otherwise the stud welding a machine can not operate with good welding effect.

Please visit this video, this is the 15-meter diameter silo installation video, it is obvious that the bulk material flow very smoothly. https://youtu.be/xICzCTvhdlE


UHMWPE Truck Hopper LinerUHMWPE Truck Hopper Liner

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