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UHMWPE pad-marine fender dock bumper pad
UHMWPE pad-marine fender dock bumper pad

UHMWPE pad-marine fender dock bumper pad


UHMWPE pad is light weight, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, small friction coefficient, non-toxic, pollution-free, not easy to adhere to foreign bodies, can absorb shock impact and noise, and is the best material to replace steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials.It can effectively prevent the influence of ultraviolet radiation and hull impact on the hull and the anti-punching plate, rubber fender and wharf.

Advantages of Uhmwpe pad used in marine fenders:

1. The wear-resistant surface of Uhmwpe pad makes marine fenders wear-resistant hardened steel, which is 6 times the wear resistance of steel.

2. Uhmwpe pad has no water absorption. Uhmwpe pad is used for marine fender pads that will not swell or deteriorate due to water penetration.

3. Uhmwpe pad is resistant to chemical corrosion. Uhmwpe pad is used in marine fenders to resist the overflow of salt water, fuel and chemicals. Inert chemicals will not immerse chemicals in waterways and will not damage fragile ecosystems.

4. Uhmwpe pad can operate under extreme weather conditions. Conditions below zero will not degrade performance. Uhmwpe pad marine fenders retain key physical properties up to -260 degrees Celsius. 

6. Uhmwpe pad is UV resistant. Thereby prolonging the abrasion life in the harbour exposure.

7. Uhmwpe pad has good impact strength and will not lose its impact strength over time.

8. Uhmwpe pads have good elongation at break, so they will bend but will not break under extreme loads.

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