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UHMWPE Coal Bunker Liner Dump Truck Bed Liner Sheet
UHMWPE Coal Bunker Liner Dump Truck Bed Liner Sheet

UHMWPE Coal Bunker Liner Dump Truck Bed Liner Sheet


The advantages of UHMWPE are self-lubricity, wear resistance, and impact resistance, making it an option for chute linings, coal bin linings, truck linings, mixed bin linings, and other items that are easy to transport or bond during unloading.

UHMWPE truck linings are non-stick, fast unloading, wear resistant and corrosion resistant, and are the best support for truck protection. It can deliver coal, cement, wheat, sugar and other powder and granular products quickly and steadily. UHMWPE truck linings/coal linings can be manufactured to your specifications. Any size, color or logo is available.

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UHMWPE Wear-Resisting Liners

The UHMW-PE Liners range combines the best surface friction qualities with abrasion resistance, promoting bulk material flow, whilst at the same time withstanding abrasion from these rugged applications. When compared to steel, lining an existing bin with liner is only about one third the cost, lower in weight and the Liner UHMWPE Sheet reduces the load on the overall structure.

The UHMWPE  Liner Application

It is suitable in mine exploitation, power plant, storage and transportation equipments, cement industry and chemical metallurgy industry etc, and filler spout, liners of all iron wagon and auto dumpers containing bulk material.

Store/bucket interior lining,port machinery, mining machinery, building machinery,chute, and hopper  as following,

Mixing silo UHMW-PE liner

Steel factory silo UHMW-PE liner

UHMW-PE bunker liner

UHMW-PE chute liner

UHMWPE chute bin liner

Discharge hopper liner

Surge Bin Liners

Transfer Chute Liners

Conveyor Skirting

Belt Scrapers

Off-Road Truck Bed Liners

Duct Collector Hopper Liners

Cement mill UHMWPE liner plate

Mineral Machine UHMWPE liner plate

Conveyor belt UHMWPE liner plate

Mineral truck UHMWPE liner plate

UHMW PE for coal bin liner

UHMW-PE liner for chutes and hoppers

UHMW-PE lining board for bunker

UHMWPE sheet for chute lining

UHMWPE Liner used on Beer machinery