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What Is a Dek Hockey Rink Made of?

Nov. 29, 2021

Dekhockey is basically 3 on 3 ball hockey or floor hockey.  It is played on a hockey sport court or “dek.”The rink tiles are called 'dek' surfaces because the sport has transitioned from street hockey to these surfaces, which are used exclusively for indoor and outdoor rinks. Players would say that they play hockey on a 'dek' surface.

Equipment used in dek hockey

Player equipment

At a minimum, running shoes, hockey or hockey gloves, shin guards, helmet with chin strap and hockey stick (no tape underneath the hockey stick), team jerseys. If both teams have the same team colors, the visiting team must wear a different color jersey.

Portable Outdoor And Indoor Hockey Ice Rink Dasher Board

 Portable Outdoor And Indoor Hockey Ice Rink Dasher Board


Net size is 6x4 feet with a depth of 27 inches at the bottom and 18 inches at the crossbar level.


In most cases, any hockey stick will do, including the popular composite sticks. As mentioned earlier, the only caveat is that the stick blade should not be glued to the underside. Therefore, instead of wrapping the blade in a circle as in hockey, add strips of tape parallel to the blade.

 Portable Roll up White Ice Hockey Shooting Pad

 Portable Roll up White Ice Hockey Shooting Pad

When one searches for the term 'Dek Hockey' online, it is grouped with other sports such as street hockey, road hockey, floor hockey, and ball hockey. These sporting terms are all used to describe hockey played on foot, using a ball rather than a puck (as in ice hockey). However, each of these terms has a different level of organization, the surface used, rink size, etc. For example, road hockey is simply playing with your friends on the street asphalt with no delineated playing area.

Street hockey can be described as exactly the same thing, except that there are official street hockey tournaments where the organizations have created playing areas surrounded by wooden boards. Abosn provides high-quality indoor roller hockey rinks.

Floor hockey is usually played on a wooden or hard surface in a stadium. Finally, hockey is played on a concrete-layered rink. You will see many organized hockey leagues played on the melted surface of the rink.

High Quality Hockey Synthetic Panel

 High Quality Hockey Synthetic Panel 

Our dek hockey flooring surface provides a safe, high-quality, and low-maintenance solution that will last for years. Whether it's street hockey rink or outdoor roller hockey rink, and with our experienced staff and exceptional customer service, our team will help make your home hockey dreams come true!

Roller, inline, ball, or dek hockey - whatever you call it, let Abosn build the surface you play on! Our modular backyard roller hockey rink -  ice hockey shooting Pad-leading components and accessories - are custom-designed to fit virtually every property, size and budget.

Why choose us?

With over 18 years of experience in the UHMWPE products industry, we are one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic ice rink sheets. The Abosn team will guide you through every step of the hockey sport court building process. Our hands-on approach and exceptional customer service help ensure your family receives a roller hockey arena that not only looks great but performs well for years to come - helping you avoid those costly unknowns caused by the poor product quality and inadequate preparation. 

If you want to get more information about the best Dek hockey rink for sale, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.   

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